Walmart Is Offering a Free $300 Gift Card When You Buy an Apple iPhone 14 for AT&T or Verizon for Black Friday

Walmart Is Offering a Free $300 Gift Card When You Buy an Apple iPhone 14 for AT&T or Verizon for Black Friday

The Walmart Black Friday Sale is under way, and if you’ve been patiently holding out on Apple’s newest phone, then you’ve been rewarded. The Apple iPhone 14 is the latest and greatest of the iPhones, and Walmart is offering a fantastic Black Friday deal. If you purchase any model iPhone 14, including the Plus, Pro, and Pro Max, you’ll get a free $300 Walmart gift card. Some restrictions apply, but you’ll see that this deal is a lot better than your typical offers that you see sprinkled throughout the year.

Buy an Apple iPhone 14 with Plan, Get $300 Walmart Gift Card

The full details and restrictions are listed below:

Like most phone deals this good, activation on a qualifying AT&T or Verizon service plan is required. You’ll also need to be on a device payment plan, although you can pay off your full remaining balance at any time, even after the first or second billing cycle. As for the length of the service plan, there seem to be no restrictions. You could potentially sign up for a month of service and cancel as long as your phone is fully paid off by then. That’s what makes this deal so great. Instead of a bill credit that forces you into a multi-year long contract, this is a lump-sum gift card that you will receive soon after you activate the service. Activation and service fees do apply.

Do trade-in offers still apply?

Note that this deal is independent of any other promotions that you might be eligible for, including trade-in offers on your old smartphone. You can potentially save even more.

Can you unlock your iPhone after your service expires?

Both AT&T and Verizon will unlock your phone starting 60 days after activation.

How good is the iPhone 14?

The Apple iPhone 14 is the newest iPhone and pretty much the best smartphone you can buy, period. Even if you opt for the base iPhone 14, you’re still be getting the A15 Bionic processor that crushes any Android phone on the market, a flagship-level camera, and a gorgeous Retina display, all wrapped in an aluminum and glass body. Step up to the iPhone Pro Max and you’ll get an even more powerful A16 Bionic processor, an even more versatile Pro camera system, an even better looking Super Retina display with ProMotion and Always-On capability, in an even fancier stainless steel and frosted glass body.

The “Pro” and “Plus” models simply have larger screens: 6.7 inches on the Plus/Pro vs 6.2 inches on the standard models. You can check out Apple’s comparison spec sheet listed on their website for a full list of differences between all the models.

You can also read our review of the iPhone 14 Pro for more info on one of the best phones.

Looking for more discounts? Take a look at our guide to Apple Black Friday and more of the best Black Friday deals today.

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