Report: Cooper Kupp has high ankle sprain

Report: Cooper Kupp has high ankle sprain

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On Sunday night, a report emerged that Rams receiver Cooper Kupp avoided the worst-case scenario regarding his ankle injury. Which invited speculation as to what the worst-case scenario would have been.

Worst-case or not, it’s not good.

Adam Schefter of reports that Kupp has a high ankle sprain. A source familiar with the prognosis said it “doesn’t sound good.”

So it doesn’t sound good. But it’s not a worst-case scenario. Which apparently means: (1) he’ll continue to live; and (2) he may not be playing football for a while.

It’s horrible news for the Rams, who are having a worst-case scenario season. Yes, they won the Super Bowl last year. But the bill is coming due sooner than anyone ever would have expected.

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