Live Updates: 2022 NWCA All-Star Classic

Live Updates: 2022 NWCA All-Star Classic

It’s back! An all-star slate of epic proportions! 15 matches in total, 11 men’s and four women’s bouts will be held today in Austin, TX. Check back here early and often for updates in real-time!

2022 NWCA All-Star Classic

First whistle is scheduled for 8:00PM eastern! Below is the end order:

125: Pat McKee (Minnesota) vs. Kysen Terukina (Iowa State)

133: Lucas Byrd (Illinois) vs. Michael McGee (Arizona State)

157: Bryce Andonian (Virginia Tech) vs. Will Lewan (Michigan)

197: Jacob Warner (Iowa) vs. Rocky Elam (Missouri)

285: Anthony Cassioppi (Iowa) vs. Greg Kerkvliet (Penn State)

191: Kelani Corbett (Missouri Valley) vs. Sydnee Kimber (McKendree)

170: Yelena Makoyed (North Central) vs. Jessie Lee (Life)

184: Aaron Brooks (Penn State) vs. Parker Keckeisen (Northern Iowa)

141: Cole Matthews (Pittsburgh) vs. Andrew Alirez (Northern Colorado)

143: Adaugo Nwachukwu (Iowa Wesleyan) vs. Alara Boyd (McKendree)

109: Peyton Prussin (Life) vs. Emily Shilson (Augsburg)

165: David Carr (Iowa State) vs. Quincy Monday (Princeton)

165: Dean Hamiti Jr. (Wisconsin) vs. Keegan O’Toole (Missouri)

149: Sammy Sasso (Ohio State) vs. Austin Gomez (Wisconsin)

174: Carter Starocci (Penn State) vs. Mekhi Lewis (Virginia Tech)

It’s nearly time! Blogging perch secured. I’m flanked by the great Mark Bader to my left and the inimitable Shane Sparks to my right!

125: #3 Pat McKee (Minnesota) vs #12 Kysen Terukina (Iowa State)

1st period: These guys are used to being the first match of an event. Terukina repping Iowa State by way of Hawaii, McKee is a local Minnesota product. Good action but no scores after a minute. Terkuina shoots a sweep single goal a strong chest wrap from McKee defends. Still no scores. 1 minute left in the period. Another shot by Terukina, he’s in deep but McKee head cartwheels over and scores the takedown. Impressive counter by Pat. Solid ride by McKee, Terukina keep pretty close to the mat for the final minute and McKee has a 2-0 leads and 55 seconds of riding time at the break

2nd period: McKee chooses bottom. He stands and is out after about 15 seconds. A couple shots from Terukina, reattack by McKee. Knee pick straight to the back. McKee pounces on the head. Terukina may have though they were going out of bounds but McKee drags his toe. Readjust, barely in bounds still, and there’s the fall! Pat McKee wins the first All-Star Classic bout since 2018 via pinfall!

133: #5 Lucas Byrd (Illinois) vs #4 Michael McGee (Arizona State)

1st period: McGee comes out in a Sunkist Kids freestyle singlet. Byrd is wearing the traditional Illinois singlet featuring a Block I. All of which is allowed, as these matches are exhibitions. It’s also why they’re wearing red and blue ankle bands rather than red and green. No scores halfway through the 1st period. Byrd with the first penetrating attack with about a minute left. And he converts for two, McGee tried to roll through but Byrd had the move sniffed out. McGee escapes after 28 seconds of RT. 2-1 Byrd leads at the break.

2nd period: Byrd chooses down. Builds to a quad-pod. And Byrd’s out while preserving 3 seconds of RT in his favor. 3-1 leads for Illinois. Another good shot from Byrd, he’s got a leg, McGee goes over the top, grabs some angles, no a crotch lock. There’s a scramble. McGee is closed. No scores! Time expired, and Mark Perry, in the corner for McGee, throws the challenge brick. Thorough review, and call is confirmed. No takedown, still 3-1 Bryd.

3rd period: McGee underneath and a stand to a granby and and McGee is out in about 10 seconds. 3-2 now, RT not a factor. Final minute of regulation, still on our feet. No stall calls on either wrestler. McGee furiously attacking. Byrd doesn’t let him get close, and Byrd takes it 3-2!

157: #4 Bryce Andonian (Virginia Tech) vs. #2 Will Lewan (Michigan)

1st period: Andonian is appointment viewing and Lewan is as tough as they come. Should be a fun one, although, duh, they all should be. No scores after a minute. Andonian coils up and unleashes a deep double but Lewan pulls him up with overhooks and stops the attack. No scores as we get to short time. And a perfectly timed double by Lewan scores with just 6 seconds left in the period. 2-0 as we go to the break.

2nd period: Lewan starts underneath, and he’s out in 6 seconds so RT clock reads triple zero and Lewan has a 3-0 lead. Another double by Lewan but Andonian stops him. Bryce slaps on an over-under bodylock. Lewan fights out of it. Good flurry in short time but no scores. Another flurry as the clock hits zero, still 3-0 Lewan.

3rd period: Andonian with a turn on bottom. He’s out quickly, 3-1. RT not a factor. Lewan not afraid to go upper body. Some good flurries but still 3-1 with a minute to go in regulation. Andonian picks up the pace but Lewan won’t let him lock anything up tight. Time expires and Will Lewan wins 3-1!

197: #2 Jacob Warner (Iowa) vs. #4 Rocky Elam (Missouri)

1st period: Our first of two back-to-back bouts featuring Hawkeyes. Warner was an NCAA runnerup last season and a three-time All-American. Elam is a two-time All-American. This is the first collegiate meeting between the two of them. Warner walks out to ‘Fat Bottom Girls’, Elam appropriately comes out to the Rocky theme song. Elam his a single early and he scores quickly. Warner out quickly, Elam leads 2-1. Collar ties and hand fighting, not a lot of level changes over the next 90 seconds. The period ends with no more scores, still 2-1 Missouri.

2nd period: Elam on bottom. False start and caution on Rocky. Clean start, Warner lifts and returns. Takes a few tries but Elam is out after about 30 seconds. Elam in on a shot. Stalemated with 44 seconds on the clock, 3-1 Elam. We break for blood, looks like it’s coming from Elam. We’re back in business. No scores to close out the period, still 3-1 Elam, RT not a factor.

3rd period: Warner starts on bottom. He sits and is out in 4 seconds. Great exchange, attack by Elam, reattack by Warner, both almost scores. Another attack by Elam, he’s got a leg, he’s chewing up clock, and the takedown at the edge. 5-2 Elam now and he’s got a 3 point lead with 52 seconds to go on the restart. Warner with a switch off the whistle, and cuts him immediately. Shot by Elam, he leads 6-4 and wants to use up this clock. Warner counters and the Iowan ties it up! 6-6, Warner on a leg, he gets hit with a stall call but it’s worth it because the period expires and we’re going to overtime!

Sudden Victory: Warner pressing in. Elam drops underneath and converts for the win! 8-6, and a statement win for thr Missouri Tiger. He’ll likely move up to #2 in the nation after that victory.

285: #4 Anthony Cassioppi (Iowa) vs #2 Greg Kerkvliet (Penn State)

1st period: Another big one, figuratively and literally. The battle starts as heavyweight bouts often do, a lot of handfighting. 90 seconds no scores. Straight on low double by Kerkvliet and Cassioppi goes down to the mat. Clean conversion for Kerkvliet. Kerk throws a leg in on the left side. Rides for 40 seconds, 35 left in the period. Cass throws the leg out, stands and is out with 15 seconds left in the period. Kerk leads 2-1 with exactly 1 minute of RT.

2nd period: Kerkvliet chooses bottom. Cass riding tough but Kerk stands and peels hands for the escape while preserving 33 seconds of riding time. Cassioppi shoots Kerkvliet out of bounds and there’s a stall call on Kerkvliet. And Kerk responds with another low double and that’s another takedown to make it 5-1. Kerkvliet throws in another leg, Cassioppi scrambling underneath. And with just a few seconds to go he gets a reversal. That was big for Cassioppi. Riding time still over a minute but the leads is just two as its 5-3 going to the third.

3rd period: Cassioopi elects to go underneath again. Cassioppi working for the escape, finally gets it after a minute. Riding time point locked up, 5-4 Penn State with under a minute to go. Shot by Cass, he’s got a leg. He’s closed! But the defense by Kerk is too strong, he gets a go behind as Cassioppi looks like he put everything he had into trying to get that takedown. He escapes for an extra point but that’s all he can muster. With the RT point its an 8-5 victory for Kerkvliet. Great heavyweight bout!

191: Kelani Corbett (Missouri Valley) vs. Sydnee Kimber (McKendree)

1st period: We’re wrestling freestyle for these women’s matches. Quick takedown for Kimber and she leads 2-0. Kimber in on another shot, good defense from Corbett but Kimber won’t be denied. 4-0 lead for McKendree, a powerhouse women’s DII program in Illinois. Corbett repping the NAIA and is ranked #1 in the coaches’ poll. And 4-0 is still the score at the halfway mark.

2nd period: Corbett looking for her offense, Kimber making her stay on her defense. More shots from Kimber, but the last attack was stalemated. Another stalemate, 2 minutes left in the match. Kimber continues to attack. She hasn’t scored but she’s eating up a lot of clock. 1 minute to go. Another shot by Kimber, and she converts that won and finished the match on top. Sydnee Kimber with the 6-0 victory!

170: Yelena Makoyed (North Central) vs. Jessie Lee (Life)

1st period: Makoyed wrestling out of NCC, a DIII wrestling power located outside of Chicago. Lee repping Life U, an NAIA school near Atlanta. Single leg right off the whistle, runs the pike and there’s a quick two. Power half by Makoyed but Lee doesn’t turn. Makoyed getting time to work and now she gets an exposure. Lee eventually bellies out and we restart. 4-0 after 90 seconds. Another single and takedown for Makoyed. Two more turns on a gut wrench and that’s it! 10-0 tech fall, masterful performance from Yelena Makoyed!

184: #1 Aaron Brooks (Penn State) vs #2 Parker Keckeisen (Northern Iowa)

1st period: Number 1 vs number 2. Hard to do better than that! And the fur is flying right off the whistle. Good flurry, no scores. On the next attack Brooks converts cleanly on a double leg. Keckeisen escapes quickly. 2-1. Brooks with the snaps and picks causing Keckeisen to react. Brooks doesn’t let off the gas, fights through Keckeisen’s defenses and there’ another takedown. 4-1 after two minutes.

2nd period:

3rd period:

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