GALAX GeForce RTX 4090 HOF claims 20 world records

GALAX GeForce RTX 4090 HOF claims 20 world records

GALAX claims new world records with no competition in sight

The most advanced, and thus far the most powerful desktop gaming graphics card to date, has been put through several synthetic tests.

Benchlife reports that RTX 4090 HOF has claimed 20 world records including 3DMark, Unigine Overlay, and Catzilla benchmarks.

GeForce RTX 4090 HOF, Source: Benchlife

The RTX 4090 from GALAX is a unique model equipped with dual 16-pin power connector, so far the only such card on the market. This is an enthusiast class model designed specifically for one purpose, world record breaking by extreme overclockers who know how to utilize its potential fully.

Records were achieved this week by GALAX OC team led by Tobias Bergstrom (Rauf). Their card was obviously using custom BIOS and cooling solution, no other than liquid nitrogen providing sub-zero temperatures.

  1. 3DMark Port Royal / 31622
  2. 3DMark Time Spy / 41926
  3. 3DMark Time Spy Graphics Score / 44293
  4. 3DMark Time Spy Extreme Graphics Score / 23229
  5. 3DMark 11 Extreme / X59575
  6. 3DMark 11 Performance / 94414 (LOD)
  7. 3DMark Fire Strike / 74725
  8. 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme / 50941
  9. 3DMark Fire Strike Ultra / 30612
  10. GPUPI_32B/49.049
  11. GPUPI_1B/0.917
  12. 1080P Extreme / 29044 Overlay
  13. 8K/17896 Overlay
  14. Catzilla 1080 / 136920
  15. Catzilla 1440P / 80417
  16. Catzilla 4K/35156
  17. Catzilla 576P / 19352
  18. Catzilla 720 / 178780
  19. Unigine Basic / 16802.93
  20. Unigine Extreme / 16175.56

The RTX 4090 HOF is currently the only card that has any chance of competing for the highest scores. No other board partner made a custom design with TDPs reaching 1000W, a feature exclusive to GALAX series. With EVGA departure from the GPU business, there won’t be any Kingpin 4090 GPUs, nor there are any leaks on MSI Lightning or ASUS ROG Matrix GPUs.

RTX 4090 HOF in world record breaking, Source: GALAX OC

Source: GALAX OC via Benchlife

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