Comply foam tips for Pixel Buds Pro are almost essential

Comply foam tips for Pixel Buds Pro are almost essential

If you’re looking to step up the comfort and sound isolation of your Pixel Buds Pro, then a set of Comply foam tips may be just what you need.

Out of the box, Google’s Pixel Buds Pro come equipped with a set of silicone tips that offer solid comfort and decent enough isolation for most people. However, there’s always room for improvement, and there’s no better company to offer that than Comply. For years, Comply has been a leading maker of foam ear tips for most major brands of earbuds, supporting Apple, Google, Samsung, and many more.

Comply has once again continued supporting Google’s Pixel Buds line, with foam tips for the Pixel Buds Pro, which are better equipped for new tips than past models. Previous models of Pixel Buds were intentionally designed to let outside sound in so you could be more aware of your surroundings. That design made the improvements to sound isolation a bit more useless.

With the Pixel Buds Pro, Google closed off the earbuds to make way for noise cancellation, while also including a “Transparency” mode to hear what’s happening around you. Thanks to that change, it’s more immediately obvious that the Comply foam tips for Pixel Buds Pro do a fantastic job of blocking unwanted noise compared to the default ear tips.

Noise cancellation and isolation were already highlights of the Pixel Buds Pro, and Comply foam tips take things up another notch.

Another highlight of getting foam tips for the Pixel Buds Pro has been an increased sense of comfort. Initially, the Comply tips were a bit uncomfortable and needed to be squished down before they’d fit properly in my ears. After a few days, however, they became much easier to work with.

Once the Comply foam tips were properly broken in, I’d sometimes forget I was even wearing the Pixel Buds Pro. It’s been far more common for the battery to die — voice calls drain faster than music — in my Pixel Buds Pro before I feel any discomfort from wearing them. They’re also generally more secure, not needing to be fiddled with too much throughout the day.

However, there are a few downsides to switching to foam tips. The biggest issue stems from the way that the Pixel Buds Pro battery case is designed, needing each bud to be snugly in place. Normally, the buds are pulled to the right place by magnets, but the foam tips can somewhat interfere with that.

Instead, you’ll need to watch for the indicator light to flash to know that a bud is in place and charging. Similarly, on cold days, it can be a little hard to get the Pixel Buds Pro out of their case since the foam lightly grips the walls.

Close-up of Pixel Buds Pro with Comply foam tips

Another major downside is that foam tips wear down a bit faster than silicone tips do. After a few months of use, you’ll likely see the foam begin to wear or tear. It’s usually recommended that you replace Comply foam tips every three months. You can see a bit of that wear and tear in the picture above on a set of tips I started using in August.

When first buying Comply foam tips for the Pixel Buds Pro, it’s a good idea to buy the multipack which includes three sizes for $24.99. Once you know your preferred size, you can buy a three-pack of that size for $24.99 to cover an additional nine months of use.

Overall, Comply foam tips bring some much-appreciated upgrades to the Pixel Buds Pro, but the need to regularly replace them may be a deal-breaker for some. With the holidays just around the corner, a set of Comply tips would make a wonderful stocking stuffer for anyone who has a set of Pixel Buds Pro.

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